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03/08/2020Jeff Frost David "A man after God's own heart?" (Part 10) (David (Part 10).mp3)
2 Samuel 15: 23 - 30
Past, present, or future circumstances seem bleak? Even as King, David found himself in that same situation. Hear how he responded!
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03/01/2020Jeff Frost David ~ "A man after God's own Heart?" (Part 9) (David (Part 9).m4a)
2 Samuel 12: 15 - 25
How do you respond when your world seems to be crumbling all around you? Hear how David responded in this week's message.
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02/23/2020Jeff Frost David ~ "A man after God's own Heart?" (Part 8) (David (Part 8).mp3)
2 Samuel 12: 1-13
Even though David is "a man after God's own heart", sin was still in his life. See how he responded when confronted with t he truth.
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02/16/2020Jeff Frost David ~ "A man after God's own heart?" (Part 7) (David (Part 7).m4a)
2 Samuel 7: 1 -21
Through David's offering to God, hear what God values in a giver.
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02/09/2020Jeff Frost David "A man after God's own Heart" (Part 6) (David (Part 6).mp3)
2 Samuel 5: 6 - 13
Do you have unfulfilled promises out there. Does that create doubt and lack of trust? Hear how one of God's promises was fulfilled through David and the comfort we can have in God's promises!
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02/02/2020Jeff Frost David ~ A man after God's own heart? (Part 5) (David (Part 5).mp3)
2 Samuel 2: 1 - 11
Saul has passed and now it's David's time, right? Not exactly. See how David responds to Saul's passing and his new assignment.
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