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12/01/2019Jeff Frost Are we there yet (Part 1) (Are we there yet (Part 1).mp3)
Matthew 24: 36 - 44
"Are we there yet?" is an advent series to prepare us for the coming of Christ. In this first message, here what it means to "keep watch".
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12/08/2019Jeff Frost Are we there yet? (Part 2) (Are we there yet (Part 2).mp3)
Matthew 3: 1 - 12
We all want to be a somebody and not a nobody! Listen at how John the Baptist spent his life living as a nobody all in hopes of point others to a somebody named Jesus!
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12/15/2019Jeff Frost Are we there yet? (Part 3) (Are we there yet (Part 3).mp3)
Isaiah 35: 1 - 10
In the midst of the shopping, wrapping, bills, family, work, gatherings, and health issues, how do you find the joy this time of year is suppose to bring? Hear more as we enter into the 3rd week of advent.
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11/10/2019Jeff Frost Are you the 10% or the 90%? (Are you the 10% or the 90%.mp3)
Luke 17: 11 - 21
Are you the 10% who said "Thank you" or are you the 90% who went on with life?
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10/27/2019Jeff Frost Bloom where you are planted (Bloom where you are planted.mp3)
Jeremiah 29: 4 - 9
Are you just trying to survive your circumstance or are you blooming where you are planted? Hear how in this week's sermon.
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09/15/2019Jeff Frost Called, Equipped, Prepared (Called_Equipped_Prepared.mp3)
Jeremiah 1: 4 - 19
God calls us, equips us, ad prepares us, just like he did with Jeremiah.
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