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06/09/2019Jeff Frost Church and worship (Part 1) (Church_and_worship_Part_1.mp3)
Acts 2: 1-21
Why do we do what we do. This message looks at worship from Old Testament times to New Testament times to now.
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06/16/2019Jeff Frost Church and worship (Part 2) (Church.mp3)
Acts 2: 42-47 & 6: 1-7
Are we devoted or do we just hang around? The first church devoted themselves. Find out to what. Are we devoting ourselves to the same thing in our modern church.
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06/30/2019Joe Beavon Christian (Christian_Joe_Beavon.mp3)

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07/14/2019Jeff Frost Church & Worship (Part 4) (Church_Worship_Part_4.mp3)
Psalms 119: 33 - 40
Are we devoted to study?
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07/21/2019Jeff Frost Church and worship (Part 5) (Church_and_worship_Part_5.mp3)
Romans 12: 9 - 21
Are we devoted to fellowship with other believers?
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07/28/2019Jeff Frost Church and worship (Part 6) (Church_and_worship_Part_6.mp3)
Luke 9: 23 - 26
Are we devoted to witnessing and serving others?
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